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DOT Physicals

CDL license holders and some non-CDL drivers must successfully undergo a DOT physical. The medical examination ensures that drivers meet the necessary health standards for operating commercial vehicles.

DOT Drug Testing

DOT drug tests are screenings mandated by the Department of Transportation for employees in safety-sensitive positions. They assess employees for the presence of prohibited substances.

Alcohol Testing

To account for the various lengths of time that alcohol can remain in the system, we offer both urine-based and evidentiary breath alcohol testing.

Drug Testing

We provide drug testing for companies and individuals, offering multiple drug testing panels to meet every need. Whether for probation, court-ordered, work, or personal reasons, get your rapid or lab-based drug testing done with us.

Consortium services

DOTDOC helps owner-operators and small company owners in maintaining compliance with DOT drug and alcohol random testing requirements.

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Benefit from our expertise in occupational health and DOT compliance, providing your employees with comprehensive care and your organization with peace of mind.

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We offer quick access to affordable occupational health services in one location.

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Our services are available across the entire United States to meet your needs.

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On-Site Services

We offer on-site and mobile testing services for employer & employee convenience.