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DOTDOC dot testing services

Our Specialties

DOT Physicals, Federal and non-DOT drug testing, along with alcohol testing services for individuals and businesses.

We carry out comprehensive health exams to ensure that drivers meet the necessary medical standards required for safety and compliance.

Our testing procedures comply with federal regulations, ensuring accuracy and reliability for all Department of Transportation-mandated drug screenings.

We offer drug testing services for a variety of purposes outside of DOT requirements, suitable for businesses, schools, or personal needs.

Our team provides professional alcohol testing for individuals and businesses, ensuring safety and adherence to relevant policies or regulations.

DOTDOC helps owner-operators and small company owners maintain compliance with DOT drug and alcohol random testing requirements.

DOT testing services

Why work with DOTDOC?

Benefit from our expertise in occupational health and DOT compliance, providing your employees with comprehensive care and your organization with peace of mind.

Affordable For All

We offer quick access to affordable occupational health services in one location.

Nationwide Service

Our services are available across the entire United States to meet your needs.

Quick And Efficient

We strive to have customers in and out in 20 minutes. We truly value your time here!

On-Site Services

We offer on-site and mobile testing services for employer & employee convenience.

Our Services

DOTDOC offers comprehensive health exams for drivers, drug and alcohol testing, DNA tests, respirator fit testing, lung function assessments, blood lead level monitoring, and flexible on-site and late-hour testing services. Plus, we provide nationwide drug and alcohol testing, with accessible collection sites in every state to serve you wherever you are.

CDL license holders and some non-CDL drivers must successfully undergo a DOT physical. The medical examination ensures that drivers meet the necessary health standards for operating commercial vehicles.

DOT drug tests are screenings mandated by the Department of Transportation for employees in safety-sensitive positions. They assess employees for the presence of prohibited substances.

DOT Breath Alcohol tests are mandatory screenings to measure the alcohol content in an individual’s breath. These tests are required for employees in safety-sensitive positions to ensure they are not under the influence of alcohol while on duty.

We provide drug testing for companies and individuals, offering multiple drug testing panels to meet every need. Whether for probation, court-ordered, work, or personal reasons, get your rapid or lab-based drug testing done with us.

To account for the various lengths of time that alcohol can remain in the system, we offer both urine-based and evidentiary breath alcohol testing.

When you need convenience, cost-savings and employee satisfaction, let us come to you. We provide both group on-site testing and mobile after-hours testing.

Respirator fit testing assesses whether a protective mask worn at work fits the wearer, minimizing the risk of inhaling harmful airborne contaminants. Fit testing is a crucial component of occupational safety, particularly in industries where workers may be exposed to airborne hazards, such as chemicals, dust, or infectious agents.

We conduct medical assessments to evaluate the health and fitness of individuals in relation to their specific job requirements and potential workplace hazards. These exams aim to ensure that employees can safely perform their job duties without compromising their health or the safety of themselves and others.

Uncover the answers you seek with confidence: Accurate and reliable DNA, Paternity, Relationship & Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing from your trusted local source.

We offer a series of affordable blood testing options for individuals and employers in order to assess various health indicators relevant to the workplace. These tests are designed to ensure that employees are fit for specific job roles and to identify potential health risks associated with occupational exposures.

Who We Are

DOTDOC is your one-stop destination for DOT and Occupational Health Services in the Chicagoland area.

Ensuring Safe Roads, Together. We are certified medical examiners on the FMCSA National Registry, and we personally oversee every aspect of your commercial driver’s medical exam.

Conveniently located in Forest Park, IL, and backed by a nationwide network, we embody values of reliability, consistency, efficiency, and affordability, saving businesses and individuals time and money without compromising quality.

Quick, Affordable Occupational Health Services

DOTDOC Services is a full-service occupational health and safety facility for businesses and individuals looking for rapid and affordable access to federally mandated exams and testing services.

Very nice and professional

Dr Jenn was very nice and professional when it came to my walk in appointment took me right in got my info and did a very phenomenal job with her work doing my DOT physical 10/10 recommendation of this spot for any CDL treatment

Taron Robinson
Awesome service

Awesome service, was able to schedule an appointment over the phone that fit into my schedule perfectly, was given an answer to every question I had, highly recommend stopping by here if you’re in of a DOT physical.

Jose Hernandez
Quick and easy

I had a pre-employment drug test to go to and called to get in. I was able to get in the same day I called which was very beneficial given my very busy schedule. The service was quick and easy and Dr. Jenn was very friendly and professional.

Matthew Kaznikov